One of the pleasures of being a freelance portrait photographer in Montreal is the chance to meet a broad range of really interesting people, doing interesting things with their lives. Last week I received a last minute phone call from a friend urgently in need of a professional portrait. As luck would have it, having just finished a real estate shoot in Westmount that morning, I still had all my gear packed and so, within 40 minutes, I was on site at my client’s home setting up for his portrait. My client, Robert Thomson, was in urgent need of an updated headshot because he’d just learned that he was the proud winner of the 2012 Elinore & Lou Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, the largest theatre award in Canada worth $100k. That is no small feat considering how competitive and tough it can be to make it as a lighting designer in a world lit only by freelance contracts. I was happy and proud to be chosen as his portraitist and we a did a quick session in his beautifully appointed, high-ceilinged home in the Plateau. It’s always great to work with winners, whatever your field is, and I am lucky to often be working with professionals who are going places, or  like Robert Thomson, people who’ve long since arrived and are getting the recognition they are due. Congratulations Robert!