Back to school specials

Fall is one my busiest times of the year as a corporate portrait and event photographer in Montreal. It’s a little bit funny to me, as it’s not like my corporate clients are all heading back to school, but there is something about this turn of the seasons that drives event planning. I’ve noticed the pattern over a number of years and each year it holds true.

Young professionals
Young professionals

With the summer holidays out of the way (a pleasant glowing memory I hope), it’s time to get back to work. Projects are started, recruitment campaigns hit their full stride, new hires are taken on and everyone it seems has a sense of busyness, as if psychologically we are preparing for the coming winter months  and need to hurry to get the harvest in before the first frost.

2013 is no different and as the wedding season winds down, the corporate event season is just gearing up. Even corporate portraits pick up around this time as people on the job hunt decide to invest in an updated Linkedin profile picture, or corporate communications teams start updating their websites and profile pages for their staff, agents, etc.

And if you are a student heading back to school this fall, I’m glad to offer you a super sized student discount on your profile picture should you be thinking that this time next year you might be looking for a job and maybe it’s time for a professional headshot. (Mention this blog post for 50% off your headshot with proof of enrollment in college or university).