3P5A5071eEvery once in a while as a professional portrait photographer in Montreal, I get to do some work that really makes me feel good about myself and the people I am working with. There is a family I have known for many years, people I’ve grown up with, whom I love and respect deeply. They are a wonderful family, all boys (really big boys) and all smart, successful, personable and just really good people. Of course, a brood like this doesn’t come out of nowhere and the pater and mater familias are themselves true gems of humanity – the kind of people who make you proud to be a humanist and happy to know them.

I had the great honour and privilege to do a family portrait for this family, in honour of a 75th birthday for a man who is, for want of a better word, noble. It was a balmy end of summer evening, the cooler on the back deck was well stocked with white wine and beer, and the grandchildren were all shiny and freshly bathed.┬áTo keep things simple, and convenient given the number of people involved, we opted to do the portrait right there in the back yard. And I must say, the results were stunning. I’ve never been prouder of a family portrait than I am of this one, for many reasons but also for the simplicity of the set up and the ease with which we managed to get a series of families portraits done in one quick session.

(We also had a little fun recreating a family portrait taken twenty years earlier.)