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If you are like me you get feedback requests from nearly every online service you use. I get texts from my cell phone company asking me to fill in surveys after every call I make to them, emails from news sites I subscribe to asking for my opinion, and then there are all those annoying little slidey-up, pop-up windows that appear when you’ve visited a site asking for your opinion. Not to mention apps that periodically request a review – even ones you’ve already paid for. I get it – businesses large and small (especially small) often thrive on positive reviews and sink on negative ones. Word of mouth marketing can be the Midas Touch or the Kiss of Death, depending on how well you perform as a business in satisfying your customer needs. For an independent freelance photographer, providing superior client service is just table stakes. Nonetheless, I’ve always believed that if a client is really happy with your work, they will make the time to say so. If you’ve really done a great job, telling their friends and network about you will reflect well on them as you can then provide the same great service to their social circles. Everybody wins.

But I respect my clients and people’s time above everything and since I find requests for feedback increasingly annoying, I assume others do as well.

Which is my round-about way of saying, that I’ve created a separate page on a the pretty popular recommendations service, Yelp, where reviews from my past, present and perhaps future clients are welcome. Good or not, your honest, real feelings and thoughts on the work I’ve done for and with you are welcome and if you feel so inclined, and have the time, please stop by and let me – and the world – know what you think.

Here’s the link: Julian Haber Photography on Yelp

Thank you!

Planning ahead – book your holiday party photographer early and save big

The Photographer Chef

If you are planning an upcoming website overhaul or launching a new service or product in 2014, now’s the time to start booking your event space and photographer. Remember, booking early guarantees the broadest range of availability (helpful if you are planning to get a lot of headshots done at once – another money saving tip) and lets you tap into your photographer as a resource should you need advice or recommendations in terms of venue, best time for shots, or any other helpful tips to facilitate your planning, particularly if you are looking to book a space for an event in Montreal from out-of-town.

As an event photographer, there are a few times of year that I am busier than others. Fall happens to be one of my busiest seasons (more here), as do holidays in general. Office holiday parties start booking up for dates as early as mid November and run right through to January.  I’ve noticed over the years, that clients who reach out to me early (as in May or June for bookings in December) tend to get the best deals out of me. I am happy to offer some incentives to clients willing to book long in advance and it occurred to me that this might be something worth sharing, hence this post.

Now it is not too late to book an event photographer or partybooth for your upcoming event, but it is wise to try to start shopping around early. For one thing, you will be able to learn about pricing well ahead of time, and have more leverage when dealing with your supplier if you are willing to commit and pay an upfront deposit to hold your booking.

As I provide a full turnkey, wildly fun photobooth experience ( I am often booked for events for a few hours that also have event photographers working on pick-up shots or full event coverage. Sometimes I’m that photographer, sometimes I’m running lePartybooth and sometimes I provide both services , working in shifts or with one of my regular photographer partners. I usually provide a discount for bundled services (i.e. event coverage and lePartybooth) and can also be of assistance in planning an event as I have worked at hundreds over the years in nearly every event space in and around Montreal. I’m glad to provide input to party planners and event coordinators looking for ideas  – just ask, the sooner the better.  I can recommend venues, optimal times for photographer and even help save money if budget is an issue by recommending just when you might need a photographer, and when you can do without one. All of this advice comes free with any call from a prospective client and I am happy to share.

Getting started early on with your party planning will ensure you end up with a well-run event which in turn will reduce your stress come showtime, and enable you to get the best value for your event dollars.


Back to school specials

Fall is one my busiest times of the year as a corporate portrait and event photographer in Montreal. It’s a little bit funny to me, as it’s not like my corporate clients are all heading back to school, but there is something about this turn of the seasons that drives event planning. I’ve noticed the pattern over a number of years and each year it holds true.

Young professionals
Young professionals

With the summer holidays out of the way (a pleasant glowing memory I hope), it’s time to get back to work. Projects are started, recruitment campaigns hit their full stride, new hires are taken on and everyone it seems has a sense of busyness, as if psychologically we are preparing for the coming winter months  and need to hurry to get the harvest in before the first frost.

2013 is no different and as the wedding season winds down, the corporate event season is just gearing up. Even corporate portraits pick up around this time as people on the job hunt decide to invest in an updated Linkedin profile picture, or corporate communications teams start updating their websites and profile pages for their staff, agents, etc.

And if you are a student heading back to school this fall, I’m glad to offer you a super sized student discount on your profile picture should you be thinking that this time next year you might be looking for a job and maybe it’s time for a professional headshot. (Mention this blog post for 50% off your headshot with proof of enrollment in college or university).

Happy Valentine’s Day! 2-for-1 portraits this February only


If your restaurant dinner and special little Valentine’s Day present set you back a little more than you really wanted to spend, I’ve got some good news on how you can save big on a corporate or personal professional headshot this February.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Julian Haber Photography is offering a 2-for-1 special on headshots.  Whether for your corporate profile, to update your LinkedIn profile to go with your new job, or just because you want a beautiful photo of you and your loved one to put on your desk in pretty little Valentine’s Day picture frames, this special is for you.VDAYport2

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pair up with a friend, a colleague, partner, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend (heck bring your pet) and book your 2-for-1 shoot to be taken any time between Valentine’s Day, February 14th (that’s tomorrow for forgetful boyfriends/hubbys) and February 28, 2013
  2. You both get all your photos from your session delivered via download within 24hrs + one photo printed at size 4×6 on the spot
  3. You also get to choose up to 3 high res images (good for printing) each edited to perfection and delivered to you via password protected download within 24 hrs

Book today. No limits. But don’t wait till March or you’ll be too late for this fantastic, once a year, incredible deal. Which reminds me, I haven’t mentioned the price. Get ready. (Trust me, it won’t hurt and is likely less than a dinner for two cost you on Valentine’s Day)


Special Valentine’s Day Price: $150 for both (yup that’s just $75 each. Sorry the deal can’t be split in half.)


How to get a group discount on headshots if you work in a co-working or shared office space

Do you work in a co-working or shared office space? Are you an independent freelancer or small business owner renting an office, or a desk in one of Montreal’s several business hotels or co-working spaces? If so, and you too would like to benefit from group rates on having a professional portrait done to update your profile picture, this post is for you.

A significant part of the time investment in doing an on-site corporate portrait in your office is setting up a mini-studio on site in an office space (often in a boardroom). If you happen to work in a shared space, or in an office with other businesses renting offices on the same floor, you can easily leverage your investment in a portrait session to access the kinds of group discounts larger companies and corporations receive.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. When you are planning to book your own on site, in-office portrait send or post a message to the other professionals and businesses sharing your work space letting them know and offering them the chance to participate.
  2. Contact your professional corporate photographer and inform him or her that you’d like headshots taken for yourself and colleagues / co-workers and ask for a group or bulk rate.
  3. Make the booking and ensure everyone who’s signed on is ready on the day of the shoot.

It’s that simple. You can easily arrange to have the photographer handle payment so that you are not involved, but with as few as 5 people you can likely negotiate the price per portrait to $75/head or even lower. For groups larger than 10 you may even be able to get your portrait taken for free.

Have your cake and eat it too

Times are tough and people everywhere are working longer hours for often stagnant or lower pay. Many highly qualified and skilled professionals may find themselves temporarily un-or underemployed and even the hottest freelancer goes through down periods. Having a good, updated profile photo isn’t going to land you a new job or get you a new gig, but it does comprise one piece of a professional package. When you are marketing brand “You”, every little bit helps. Leveraging similar needs of a group for getting a professional portrait is one way you can help yourself while helping others and save money at the same time.

To see some samples of portraits taken in-offices using seamless white or grey backdrops that can be set up where you work, please visit my gallery here.

1-day only headshot profile picture deal $125 makeup & photos November 15, 2012- book today!

Are you looking for a job? Updating your profile on LinkeIn? Thinking of changing careers? Dating online? Whatever your motivation, having a good professionally taken headshot these days is a requirement for any serious professional. Having recently spent several days on location shooting profile pictures of executives and staff throughout Montreal, I would like to offer the same high quality service to a wider audience as I know that not everyone works for a large corporation and there are many people who would like a new set of headshots but haven’t felt it was affordable or easy to do. I’d like to change the perception and make sure that anyone in Montreal (or who can get to Montreal from surrounding regions) that is interested in having a professional headshot taken can do so. So here’s my offer:

The $125 headshot + makeup deal – what you get

  • 1 portrait session take (15 minutes) with as many poses as you can fit in.
  • 3 final images selected by you for final editing and digital delivery
  • All RAW file image proofs included with online delivery
  • Onsite makeup artists to prepare you for your portrait session in advance
  • Complementary glass of wine, beer or beverage of your choice (to help with any “I hate having my photo taken” jitters)
  • Incredibly positive, supportive and enthusiastic conversation with your professional photographer to make the session thoroughly enjoyable

All for an incredible value of $125!

But wait, it gets better! Sign up three of your friends and your session is free!


How do I sign up?

To sign up simply send an email to me here with the subject line: HEADSHOT NOV 15

Please indicate in your email your preferred start time for the shoot. We will attempt to accommodate your preferences and will confirm your precise shoot time once all bookings are in.

The session will run from 5pm to 11pm Thursday, November 15th. You will be allocated a 15 minute time slot for your shoot and time in advance for your makeup to be done.

As good as this sounds, please don’t wait too long before you decide as the deadline for locking in this great deal is October 31, 2012. 


Want to see a few samples?

Check out these links of recent portraits here:

Corporate portraits 1

Corporate portraits 2

Professional portraits 3


*A minimum of 10 bookings is required to ensure this deal goes through so please share and spread the word.

Getting Social with a Photobooth!

This week I’m running a promotion on my new Party in a Photobooth service with Living Social. The ad will be running as of tomorrow and I’ll post a link here once it’s up. Having photographed hundreds of events and parties in Montreal and neighbouring places over the past decade there’s been a growing interest in popping up a temporary photobooth at parties, weddings and corporate galas. Basically any party worth having is more fun with a photobooth onsite.  The normal set up is just a simple backdrop (or a natural one on site if the location has a good one) with one or two lights on stands, a camera and the photographer.

Photos are posted to an online gallery and shareable across all social media. Onsite printing is fun too and easily added in to give you guests a hard copy of their favourite image to take home with them. And depending on the set up and style of your event, the photos can be viewed almost instantly on screens set up in your party space.

When you are planning your next party, corporate event or a wedding, throw a photobooth into the mix and give yourself and your guests something to remember.

Valentine’s Day Portrait for Two

 (Julian Haber)Valentine’s Day, whether you love it or hate it, is a day earmarked for showy displays of affection. Consider having an annual portrait of the two of you taken to celebrate each other, and start a collection of images that showcase your life together. It’s not too late to book a session or schedule one for a time convenient to you and your partner.

Special Valentine’s Day Promo: Call or email today with the subject line “Valentines” and book a $99 portrait session for two, including a champagne toast and 1, gorgeously edited 8×10 print.