With spring sales ahead a real estate photographer can help

Just a quick reminder to real estate agents in Montreal that hiring a professional real estate photographer can save you time and money and help you move your properties faster. As a real estate agent, you’re going to have to spend time building your client list, prospecting, making and distributing marketing materials and of course, working all current and prospective deals through your pipeline. A house doesn’t sell itself, but as a Montreal real estate photographer, I know that great photos can really help make a difference. At the very least, great real estate photos will bring more clients to your site and entice them into calling you up to arrange a visit. Given the importance of getting a steady flow of leads and interested clients knocking on your door, the cost of hiring a professional real estate photographer is negligible and will help set you apart from other agents who can’t be bothered to take decent photos and instead present properties using images taken with inadequate gear, often with poor lighting, that do nothing for the property. Having a great set of real estate photos for your property listings is like having a well dressed store front window. On the other hand, having a set of poor quality images on your website or MLS listing will reflect badly on you as an agent and sends a message to your potential customers that you don’t really care that much and are just going through the motions. Just as a storefront with an old, dusty and unorganized display doesn’t make you feel like walking in to browse around, a set of low quality images will get a pass from most buyers who want to see that you are making the effort to earn their commission dollars. As a professional real estate photographer in Montreal, I make that effort for you and deliver high quality, top grade images that you can use immediately in your online listings and for print or other purposes. You pay a small, single fee and get unlimited rights and ownership of the images, delivered to you online in most cases within 24 hours of the shoot. Make this spring selling season your best ever and invest in quality real estate photography.

Enhance your real estate listings photography with HDR

While real estate photography in Montreal spaces in many cases does not need to be enhanced using HDR (high dynamic range) imaging techniques, in those tricky areas of mixed light or those very high-end properties with prices upwards of a million, it is well worth the extra time and expense.

High definition isn't just for tv

When real estate photography is done right your property looks better than it does in real life. The whole purpose of having a suite of 2o photos illustrating the interior of a home, condo, loft space or commercial space is to sell the space, not just for what it is, but for what it can be to its next owner.

In every good real estate photo there is – or there should be – a feeling that this place literally shines with potential. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a dimly lit, poorly decorated upper duplex with crooked floors and windows that need changing. But shoot the same space using HDR techniques and that scary dark corner is now a charming little nook, and those beat up old floorboards are now warm, well loved surfaces full of character.

Let there be light!

Photographing real estate in HDR will improve the look of your listings photos. HDR is often associated with luxury real estate where its full dynamic range shows properties at their best, but the same techniques can be used for more affordable properties to give them a higher-end look. While HDR is not always necessary, consider asking your real estate photographer to do your real estate listings photos in HDR as a trial and see for yourself what a difference it can make.

A room of one's own