More bang for your buck, eh?

More bang for your buck, eh?
More bang for your buck, eh?
More bang for your buck, eh?

Dear America,

If ever there was a time to gather up your team, hold a meeting and host an event in Montreal, 2016 is it.

I think the screenshot from today’s FX rate pretty much sums it up.

In Canada (Donald Trump’s views notwithstanding) we are not so different from America. Except everything is much cheaper. Venues, staffing, catering, and going out to really world-class restaurants is all almost 50% off for US currency holders right now.  Flights into Montreal are inexpensive and only a short-haul from New York or Chicago.

Winter, too, while perhaps colder than some of you are used to, has its own kind of beauty and is fun to experience.

Fun with snow
Fun with snow

Montreal has it all. Great restaurants, hugely talented professionals to work with, gorgeous venues, old world charm, beautiful people, and a lively night life scene. You can be virtually guaranteed a good experience travelling here, and your guests or event attendees will be grateful for the opportunity you’ve provided for them to visit one of the oldest cities in North America. If you need help finding a venue, or just want to sound out a friendly local, feel free to contact me anytime.





Go Go Governor General!

It’s been a busy spring and I was pleased to be asked to cover the announcement of this year’s recipients for the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. An elegant reception was hosted in the sumptuous estate of the Beaubien de Gaspé family followed by a technologically enhanced press conference the next morning at a new, well equipped event space, the PHI Centre, in Old Montreal. Check out the pics here:

Staying safe when shooting on site in industrial locations

Earlier this summer I went on a fun shoot for a stevedoring company (the guys who load and unload ships) and I had a chance to get a shot of one of Montreal’s iconic buildings from an angle rarely seen.

Shooting in the shipping yards was hectic and felt a bit like being in a war zone. Actually it felt like being an ant in a land of giants as mega-forklifts whizzed past hoisting up containers and stacking them one on top of the other in a life-sized game of Tetris.

I was wearing safety gear – a reflective vest and helmet and had to pass through strict security on the way in, accompanied by my client.  Once on the ground, I realized how important it was to follow all the safety regulations and literally stay within the lines. My client is the only company in the Port of Montreal with a huge loading crane that looked to me like one of the spaceships in Tron. I was able to climb up to the main walkway, a few hundred feet above the ground and take aerial shots of all the activitiy in the facility, as well as grab this unique shot of the Five Roses building from an angle most Montreal photographers will never have a chance to get.

I like shooting onsite for clients with big industrial facilities. One of the advantages of being a professional freelance photographer in a great port city like Montreal is the chance to visit factories, plants and places where the GDP is actually being made. I’ve been lucky to have many such opportunities and having been in many industrial locations as a facilities photographer, I never take any chances with safety.  I always keep safety foremost in mind when shooting on location and know that it is especially important in industrial sites where there is a lot of activity and you are an out of the ordinary appearance.



With spring sales ahead a real estate photographer can help

Just a quick reminder to real estate agents in Montreal that hiring a professional real estate photographer can save you time and money and help you move your properties faster. As a real estate agent, you’re going to have to spend time building your client list, prospecting, making and distributing marketing materials and of course, working all current and prospective deals through your pipeline. A house doesn’t sell itself, but as a Montreal real estate photographer, I know that great photos can really help make a difference. At the very least, great real estate photos will bring more clients to your site and entice them into calling you up to arrange a visit. Given the importance of getting a steady flow of leads and interested clients knocking on your door, the cost of hiring a professional real estate photographer is negligible and will help set you apart from other agents who can’t be bothered to take decent photos and instead present properties using images taken with inadequate gear, often with poor lighting, that do nothing for the property. Having a great set of real estate photos for your property listings is like having a well dressed store front window. On the other hand, having a set of poor quality images on your website or MLS listing will reflect badly on you as an agent and sends a message to your potential customers that you don’t really care that much and are just going through the motions. Just as a storefront with an old, dusty and unorganized display doesn’t make you feel like walking in to browse around, a set of low quality images will get a pass from most buyers who want to see that you are making the effort to earn their commission dollars. As a professional real estate photographer in Montreal, I make that effort for you and deliver high quality, top grade images that you can use immediately in your online listings and for print or other purposes. You pay a small, single fee and get unlimited rights and ownership of the images, delivered to you online in most cases within 24 hours of the shoot. Make this spring selling season your best ever and invest in quality real estate photography.

The art of event photography – recent work in Montreal

Whew, what a month! I was lucky to have a few great event photography gigs this month, one for KPMG for their annual recruitment event held at the beautiful Plateau Bar at the W hotel (which I had fun photographing with my brother Daniel Francis Haber in late 2008 – click here to see some of these gorgeous interior shots) as well as another client appreciation event put on by YOUR BRAND Integrated Marketing Communications, on behalf of HSBC, hosted in Montreal’s Musée d’art contemporain. Both events were well organized, held in beautiful venues and well attended. As a Montreal event photographer, I often gain access to such places and love being able to wander among these well-heeled crowds, interacting with them and capturing their candid portraits.

Have a look at these selections showcasing how I work as an event photographer in Montreal. As a service provider, my role is to listen to what the client wants and is expecting and pay attention to the end use of the images I will be producing. This usually entails photographing guests and important people at the event, but also images of the room and its setup before guests arrive, as well as key branding materials my clients can use to show the effectiveness of their own work for their clients.  Great looking people in great looking venues provide excellent value for clients looking to give their brands positive associations. As an event photographer, I recognize my role as part of the team focused on delivering that result and I aim to please (pun intended). If my clients look good, I look good which is why I take every event photography contract in Montreal seriously and give it my full attention. I don’t just want a happy client – I want a delighted client who thinks of me first when they are hosting an event in Montreal and need an event photographer.

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