Free headshots for your employees can help your company attract new talent

CORPORATEPROFILE101Your current employees are your company’s best brand ambassadors. Central to effective talent acquisition and recruitment today is having an effective employee referral program plugged into your hiring practices. LinkedIn is probably the most important tool in this arsenal and it has a wealth of content available for companies looking to fire up their recruitment drives and engage employees. And yet, how many of your current employees don’t have an updated LinkedIn profile?

You can help them – and yourself in the process – by setting up a simple LinkedIn training session accompanied by an onsite headshot photo session.

Alas, gone are the days when it was enough to just pay your employees a decent salary and they’d be grateful to have a job. As an employer you’re now also on the hook for making your workplace a fun place to be, that respects and provides for work life balance, as well as all kinds of other perks to keep your employees engaged in a world of distraction. Sorry, but free coffee isn’t going to cut it in a world where talent is always on the move.

Social media (where half your workforce right now is “investing” a bit of company time), is unavoidably where you have to be if you want to attract, retain and engage the best talent out there for your workforce.

An updated profile picture is a necessary tool in today’s workforce. It’s a simple thing to get wrong and if you or your staff still isn’t using one, you’re losing up to 40% of your views and you look a bit creepy.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.31.25 AM
Would you trust this guy?

Giving your employees the tools and assets to up their own game on social media sites is a value-add benefit that will pay back dividends to the company, especially if it’s tied to a smart in-house referral program. Remember, there’s a lot more “me” in social media than you’d think.

Plan a morning or half session where you gather your social media specialists (either in-house or bringing in a consultant) and offer a short presentationCORPORATEPROFILE18 (1) on how to leverage LinkedIn for career development and to promote your own company.

A headshot session in this context is about as cost-effective as it gets. That doesn’t mean you cheap out and do it in-house. Hire a pro, but leverage the volume to get a low cost/head or negotiate a fixed rate. It’s way cheaper to get all your staff done at once than to bring in a corporate photographer on an urgent basis when you realize your executive that’s just been nominated for an industry award is still using his vacation pic from Cancun in his profile.



How to get a group discount on headshots if you work in a co-working or shared office space

Do you work in a co-working or shared office space? Are you an independent freelancer or small business owner renting an office, or a desk in one of Montreal’s several business hotels or co-working spaces? If so, and you too would like to benefit from group rates on having a professional portrait done to update your profile picture, this post is for you.

A significant part of the time investment in doing an on-site corporate portrait in your office is setting up a mini-studio on site in an office space (often in a boardroom). If you happen to work in a shared space, or in an office with other businesses renting offices on the same floor, you can easily leverage your investment in a portrait session to access the kinds of group discounts larger companies and corporations receive.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. When you are planning to book your own on site, in-office portrait send or post a message to the other professionals and businesses sharing your work space letting them know and offering them the chance to participate.
  2. Contact your professional corporate photographer and inform him or her that you’d like headshots taken for yourself and colleagues / co-workers and ask for a group or bulk rate.
  3. Make the booking and ensure everyone who’s signed on is ready on the day of the shoot.

It’s that simple. You can easily arrange to have the photographer handle payment so that you are not involved, but with as few as 5 people you can likely negotiate the price per portrait to $75/head or even lower. For groups larger than 10 you may even be able to get your portrait taken for free.

Have your cake and eat it too

Times are tough and people everywhere are working longer hours for often stagnant or lower pay. Many highly qualified and skilled professionals may find themselves temporarily un-or underemployed and even the hottest freelancer goes through down periods. Having a good, updated profile photo isn’t going to land you a new job or get you a new gig, but it does comprise one piece of a professional package. When you are marketing brand “You”, every little bit helps. Leveraging similar needs of a group for getting a professional portrait is one way you can help yourself while helping others and save money at the same time.

To see some samples of portraits taken in-offices using seamless white or grey backdrops that can be set up where you work, please visit my gallery here.