Last friday I received a call from a very anxious agent in desperate need of a real estate photographer in Montreal whom I was happy to oblige. It reminded me of that famous piece of cowboy wisdom, “if it weren’t for the last minute, half the things in the world wouldn’t get done”. Within 2.5 hours from getting the call, my client was reviewing the finished professionally photographed photos of his client’s home.

Real estate agents are often harried, work hard and sometimes have demanding clients with high expectations. In a difficult market, the extra things an agent does on top of what is expected will make the difference between success (a new client and sale!) and failure. As a professional real estate photographer, the photos I produce for my agent clients add value and can tip the balance in favour of the real estate agent who understands the service provided and is willing to pay the small premium required over shooting their own images with their camera phones or pocket compacts.

As a real estate photographer in Montreal, I make it my business to be available and my goal to help agents increase their sales and the number of satisfied clients they serve. We’re in it together and even if you think it’s too late to call, call anyway. It’s never too late to go the extra little bit it takes to win in today’s market.

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Julian Haber Photographer
Julian Haber is an events, corporate portraits and conference photographer based in Montreal. He is the author of a book on freelancing and runs a busy boutique agency of creative professionals in the fields of photography, videography and design. |