Last weekend I was covering a poker tournament at a new casino outside of Montreal, the Stardust Poker Mansion. It was a three day, $300,000 guaranteed pot and took place over four days.

As an event photographer in Montreal, I really enjoy these kind of gigs that last longer than one night (not to mention, I am known to partake in a game or two of poker now and again).

Having a longer run to cover an event allows me, as the event photographer, to really get a feel for the space, the action and offers multiple opportunities to really nail the key shots. I’m lucky to be able to really go “all in” on my photography career and work full time as an event and portrait photographer in Montreal for a wide range of clients – individuals, corporate communications teams, and as in this case, PR companies promoting events in Montreal. Not having to divide my time between my passion and a job I do just to get by, I am able to really explore all there is to do as a working photographer in Montreal – and I also get to meet the occasional Montreal celeberity, like Jonathan Duhamel (show here and on right), the 2010 Poker World Series winner and some tough looking, but really quite friendly UFC fighters (below).

For the players in the tournament – Justin Ouimette, was the winner.

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