Getting married here?

Getting married here?

Planning a destination wedding? Here are a few ideas to help you get the best wedding photos possible, regardless of the weather.

One of the best things about having  a destination wedding is that you have time to get a great set of photos using a variety of backdrops in natural settings and different lighting throughout your week or two at the resort.

  1. Take advantage of the early hours to get down to the beach and have a photo session with you and your beloved before the other tourists get down there and start filling up the horizon. Early mornings are also good in the tropics as the weather tends to be windier, so a bit cooler, and the sunlight will make you look spectacular. If you can, try to schedule this shoot on the second or third day of your trip so you’ve already got a good baseline tan to really capture the feeling of the beach wedding.
  2. Similarly, try to also schedule a shoot in the evening as the sun is setting. This “golden hour” is a photographer’s dream as the light waves from the sun are at their longest and most flattering, giving everyone a gorgeous glow. You might want to do the morning shoot mentioned above in your wedding clothes, and this sunset shoot in your informal beach wear to give your photos variety.
  3. Use the fun times as opportunities for candids and for your photographer to circulate amongst your guests and capture their best moods as well. While formal photos are critical in any wedding party, often the most memorable shots are those taken when you are your guests are enjoying yourselves and not worrying too much about the photography.

Having a destination wedding is a great way for you to have a turnkey wedding experience and get an early start on your honeymoon. You can gather all your friends and family in a comfortable resort, have all meals and plans easily taken care, and don’t have to worry about anyone driving home drunk.  Don’t forget that your wedding is YOUR wedding so enjoy it as much as possible and have fun with your photos using as much of the natural setting and architectural features of your resort as possible.

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