(Julian Haber | 514.757.7657 | events@julianhaber.com)I am frequently asked to shoot onsite corporate portraits in different offices throughout Montreal, on and off-island. My set up is all portable (I can even work without electricity if necessary) and I provide quick, professional portraits for use on company websites, social media networking sites like LinkedIn and company publications.

One of the needs nearly every company has these days is to look for ways to save money and cut costs without compromising on quality. With the war for talent still raging (particularly in the high tech industries) it is critical companies project a friendly face to their future prospective employees. Nothing does this better than showing photos (lots of them) of your people and your offices, working, relaxing and socializing together. People are increasingly focusing attention not just on what the job offers in terms of salary and benefits, but also work environment, company culture and other intangibles that are hard to explain in words. Using photography and video to help communicate to your prospective clients, employees and partners helps declutter your site and leave visitors with a strong visual impression of who you are and what your company is all about. In a world crowded with messaging and information overload, this is a valuable service you can easily provide at a very low cost.

 (Julian Haber | 514.757.7657 | events@julianhaber.com)

Marketing and Communications teams, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition managers are all operating on tight budgets and being asked to do more with less. Getting a photographer to come to your office is a great way to get both a set of profile photos for your whole team, but also to boost your image library of your space and work environment. Rather than purchase rights-restricted and generic stock images you can have your own customized images created that tell your own story.

To optimise your use of an onsite photographer, hire for a full day over a half day (saving at least 20%-25% of the cost of a half day rate), and book all your employees’ headshots on one day which can provide substantial savings reducing your price per shot to well below the market rate of having a single or small number of headshots taken onsite.

And don’t forget to update your website and headshot photos at least once a year!

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Julian Haber Photographer
Julian Haber is an events, corporate portraits and conference photographer based in Montreal. He is the author of a book on freelancing and runs a busy boutique agency of creative professionals in the fields of photography, videography and design. |