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Over 90% of the people who hire me directly are professional women. This may be because there are usually more women working in professions like communications, public relations, and marketing then there are men and professionals in these fields dominate my client list, bringing me in to cover events they are organizing, or produce marketing materials they are managing.

As well, I am often hired directly by professional women who are engaged in their own branding. These entrepreneurs (as they almost all are), know what they are looking for, know the image they want to project and are smart enough to invest a little time and money in working with a professional photographer to get the results they are after. Typically the images from these sessions are used across a variety of platforms such as websites, email marketing, newsletters and of course headshots to accompany the bio documents that these professional women use often when invited to speak at conferences, publish a chapter or article for a journal, or simply update their LinkedIn profile -which they do regularly as they are productively growing and developing their careers.

Lara Evoy & Stephanie Garrow: Strategic Consulting for social innovation and organizational learning

Lara Evoy & Stephanie Garrow: Strategic Consulting for social innovation and organizational learning

On a recent shoot, one of my clients had the brilliant idea to gift a professional photographer session to other women in her networking group. As we were working together on our shoot, collaboratively producing great images (because though my job is to get the best shots, I can’t do it without engaging my clients and having them participate actively in their own photo shoot) she realized that the photo session she’d booked with me was not just a ticked box on a to-do list for updating a website, it was actually fun and something worth sharing. I can’t help but agree.


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Julian Haber is an events, corporate portraits and conference photographer based in Montreal. He is the author of a book on freelancing and runs a busy boutique agency of creative professionals in the fields of photography, videography and design. |