Well, I’m not sure if this is even a real trend or some kind of internet driven viral story gone wild, but apparently a developing trend in wedding photography (seems either to have started in the UK or the US) is to take the traditional bridesmaids photos, like the ones below, but photographed from behind with the bride and her maids mooning the camera!

3P5A2889 - Version 2

I first heard about it while driving in Montreal yesterday morning listening to Rough FM. A quick internet search followed which brought up a few examples of the shots you can visit here (Mix 104.1): http://bit.ly/1oRZbm3 and here (Dangerous Minds): http://bit.ly/1lSvELo

Although I shoot plenty of weddings in Montreal, I’ve yet to have this kind of shot be requested but never say never. The summer’s not over yet.