Death of a wedding photographer



Yes, I’m still alive, but I’ll be pulling the plug on my wedding site today: is going to be absorbed into my main portfolio site and the standalone wedding site abandoned.

Most of my corporate clients are surprised to learn that yes, I do shoot weddings and have shot a number of them over the years. This is both a sign of successfully marketing the conference and corporate photography part of my business, and a sign of the failure to do the same for the weddings business, which is slowly grinding to a halt for me. As much as I have enjoyed the many weddings I’ve shot and the couples whom I’ve met along the way (most of whom are still married;) I’ve decided that even with the abundance and ubiquity of presence the internet enables, it’s hard to be in more than one place at a time and my site has sadly become a neglected and forlorn kind of “zombie” site that sits there but is not really doing what it is supposed to do. Rather than keep it going indefinitely, I’ve decided to pull the plug on it to concentrate my efforts on a new book project that I am preparing to launch: Gigonomics: A Field Guide For Freelancers in the Gig Economy (for an early taste of what’s to come, please visit my Gigonomics Facebook page here: Shares and likes welcome.

Stay tuned for more changes coming as I slowly consolidate my various online personae and carry out an extensive brand update…. But if you are planning a wedding this summer and still looking for a shooter, feel free to get in touch. In case you were wondering, I’m not booked for the obscenely expensive $45 million Royal Wedding but was surprised at how little (relatively) the photographer/videographer team is being paid: $24,300 (which is still not chump change but considering flowers will cost $157,600 it seems a bit disproportionately low given how much more valuable the resulting images will be long after those beautiful flower arrangements are wilting in the ground).