These will be truly unique and historic graduation photos

Covid has impacted every aspect of modern life, but nowhere more acutely than in the unique graduation photos being created from cohorts of grads unable to meet or have a real life in person prom.

I remember how much excitement and anticipation I had about my high school graduation – thinking of who to ask, planning out the day, getting dressed up in an ill-fitting suit, awkwardly pinning a corsage to my date’s dress, and then partying for as long as we could well into the next day. 

Today’s graduates face a much different world than the one I graduated into and while many have had similar plans to mine from centuries ago, they have been waylaid by the massive social upheaval and changes to how we live brought upon us by a pandemic of epic proportions.

But with every change comes new opportunity, and these graduates – many of whom will be celebrating their graduations in the next few weeks – this is a chance to record both personal and real history in the making. 

And these moments are still precious and worth recording and memorializing. The photos and videos from the graduating classes of 2020 will be forever marked by the events triggered by Covid19’s rampage around the globe, but because of that, they will also be valuable heirlooms to the future selves of today’s cohort of graduates.

These young people face enormous challenges. They are entering a world that is riven with conflict, groaning under the weight of injustice, racism, economic collapse, and environmental changes causing the sixth great extinction and massive loss of biodiversity around the world. In other words, there is no shortage of problems for them to take up and lend their strength, energy, optimism and creativity towards solving.

We at Julian Haber Creative Studios believe in the positivity and possibility that the next generation will unleash on a world that desperately needs them. We want them to succeed, and we hope that they find a way to extract as much fun, happiness and enjoyment from their graduation this year as others have done in the past.

This year will be different, yes, but so will all the next ones to follow for these graduates. This is their coming of age in a world for which no one alive really has any viable playbook. In some ways, there has never been a better time to be a young person, for young people are equipped with something hard to get back once lost, and impossible to fake: untapped potential. They have their lives before them and have grown up learning and living with technology. They will find answers to questions we haven’t even asked yet, and some among them, some of those young, proud, brave, courageous, beautiful young people standing in front of proud mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles – some among them will find cures for cancer, will build great organizations that employ hundreds if not thousands, will make the world brighter, more just, more fair and more beautiful. It could be your son or daughter. 

That’s worth celebrating.

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