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This year may well be remembered as the turning point for how we live and act together as a society. No one is unaffected by the pandemic, nor the rising tides of social movements seeking to redress longstanding injustices.

Meanwhile the less dramatic struggles continue for people working from home, maybe for the first time, and figuring out how and where to safely spend a few days of rest and relaxation with the family. If you are lucky enough to have access to a cottage somewhere and plan to spend some time with the family, why not get a family portrait done while you are there? 

Outdoor family portrait in the countryside

Having your family all together is a privilege and can never be taken for granted. We want to cherish and treasure the time we have with our loved ones, now more than ever, and having a few memorable images taken of you when you are all relaxed and spending time together is worth doing. (Even your pet might enjoy it).

Depending on where you are located you could make an outing of it, taking photos in different locations around the cottage, out on the water, in the woods, or just a lush garden. You may well have already come across a few locations in your time there already, but if not, ask your photographer to help you scout out a few options.

With social distancing requirements you will want to do the shoot outdoors. This will impact when you can schedule it for. As with most photography situations using natural light, the best kind of light is actually a uniformly overcast sky as this means no shadows on faces, and is a little cooler to operate in. But there are also beautiful shots to be had using early morning or late afternoon into sunset lighting. Just avoid booking anything in the middle of the day as it will be both the hottest period and have the harshest and least flattering type of lighting. 

Yes, you can get individual portraits done at the same time

It’s perfectly ok to ask for individual portraits at the same time as booking your family one. Once you’ve got the family taken care of, ideally in a few different arrangements and against a few different backgrounds, ask your photographer to capture individual portraits of yourselves and children. You may find that relaxed-on-vacation you is a refreshing way to see yourself after spending a few months looking awkwardly at yourself on Zoom videos desperately wiping the sheen off your forehead.

Julian Haber Creative Studios operates in and around Montreal which includes both the Eastern Townships and the Laurentians where many families have cottages or visit with friends who do. You can book sessions lasting as little as 30 minutes for a few set ups in one location, or a half or even full day for a variety of set ups and action shots out on the water, on hikes or any other outdoor activity you and your family enjoy together.

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