Conference & Event Coverage

We have the capability to provide complete city-wide coverage for any size conference, trade show, or event with multiple events taking place simultaneously. We are also perfectly happy covering a breakfast talk with a single photographer or videographer. Standard minimum coverage includes edited finals and all rights to usage for the content delivered.

Video: corporate, branding, event & conference reels

Video projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some clients just want their own footage edited into something fresh, while others need their story told from start to finish from concept development through to new footage, interviews, b-roll and final edit. We have an agile, lean team ready ready to shoot and deliver edited finals quickly for your events highlights reel, onboarding recruitment projects or social media feeds. From conference recaps to product launches, we produce quality, shareable video that gets attention where and when you want it.


It seems the more complex the subject matter, the greater need there is for simple, easily understood animations to explain, train, inform and educate your target audience. Whether you are developing a training platform for your staff or communicating a new idea, service or project update animations can help convert dense subject matter and abstract concepts into content that is more readily grasped and even enjoyed. We work from concept to final product, taking whatever you have to begin with and turning it into slick, fun and appropriate animated videos that help achieve your learning and training objectives.

Portraits & Headshots

Just like you, every portrait is in some ways unique. Even if all you need as updated headshot to replace the one you’ve been using on LinkedIn for the past ten years, your portrait is your avatar in a digital world and it works for you day and night. We 

How to plan a headshot session

How to plan a headshot session

September is a good month to plan for a headshot renewal session for your employees. As the weather turns ever so slightly colder and the summer season fades into Instagram memories, the return to regular routines brings a new kind of energy planners can leverage for...

Editorial & Stock

While change is a constant in every business today, one thing that remains consistent is the need for continual marketing. Whether it is through company pages across a wide net of social media platforms, in-house blogs, internal and external publications or simply keeping your own staff updated and informed on projects, HR programs and new staff, there is a need for a regularly updated bank of images and video to feed the many channels of content marketing a company relies on. These can be created and customized for your business at a fraction of the cost the equivalent volume of content would cost through traditional stock sources. A single day of shooting will likely yield several hundred usable images that will keep your content creators happy.   

My drone dumped me

My drone dumped me

I lost my drone this weekend. I should have known something was off when my puppy ran off into the dark the night before. A foreshadowing I ignored to my despair the next morning. I was lucky with the puppy. He must have sensed the desperation in my voice when I...

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