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Conferences bring together like-minded professionals for an exchange of ideas. They create an environment for connections to form, relationships to build and business to transpire. By documenting both the onstage presentations and offstage networking and socializing, we help you convey what makes your conference different and unique. We show people what it looks like so they can feel what it is like to be there. Services available includes photography, videography and graphic notation.


We provide complete photo and / or event coverage for all kinds of events: gala evenings, charity balls, corporate gatherings, networking meetups, brand activations, on-site promotions, and more. We work directly with your onsite leads to ensure your content is available when you need it to be, delivering images in real time batches for immediate social sharing.


There are as two main kinds of portraits: straightforward images focusing entirely on the subject against plain white or grey backgrounds, or environmental portraits showing a person in a context that reflects what they do or care most about. We offer both kinds with services that include: in-office, company-wide portrait sessions, executive suite portraits, board photos and active day-in-the life environmental portraits.


Your brand is unique so why are you still buying the same generic stock images everyone else is using? Our editorial and custom stock image service allows you to craft bespoke images using your own staff to tell your own stories. We produce images for publications, company blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram feeds and work with you to create the look and feel that’s right for your needs.


Video storytelling and marketing is fast becoming the primary means through which audiences interact and engage with your company and brand. We create made-to-purpose videos to help you achieve your communication and marketing objectives. We film, edit and produce videos that tell corporate stories, assist HR with onboarding and recruitment, energize marketing campaigns and document events, conferences and more. From case studies to product announcements, we offer turnkey solutions for your video creation needs. 


Today’s communications tools are far beyond just images and words. Using animations customized for you, we create brief videos to accompany podcasts, enliven training materials or communicate key messages in a friendly, easily consumable format for your internal or external audiences. Services include storyboarding, concept development, podcast production (recording and animation), muliti-lingual voice-overs, subtitling and more. 

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