This fall season has been wonderfully busy for my event photography services (and new photobooth fun) throughout Montreal. One of my favourite events this September was providing portraits for the attendees to the Royal Canadian Hussars (RCH) 200th Anniversary Calvary Ball held at the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth hotel. I love any opportunity I get to bust out my black tie outfit and taking portraits of guests dressed in their full uniform bedecked with medals and shiny brass buttons allowed me to help make the event memorable for the attendees. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, but is also an opportunity for the RCH’s to celebrate their 200 years of Cavalry in Montreal. History and tradition are important and there is no better way to mark the occasion to have a fine, onsite portrait taken of the men and women who dedicate themselves to the goals of their regiment and wear their colours proudly. I was honour to be chosen as the official onsite portrait photographer for the event and enjoyed handing out framed prints to the guests to help them preserve the memory of this fine event.

If you are planning or organizing a gala or ball this season, don’t miss the opportunity to give your guests a lasting impression of your event by giving them an onsite portrait, printed and framed that they can leave with when the night is done.

Check out the portraits from the Royal Canadian Hussar’s 200th Anniversary Calvary Ball gallery below:


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