Part of the fun of being a full-time freelance photographer in Montreal is the unpredictability of my schedule. One day I am shooting action shots down at the pier in Old Montreal, the next I might find myself in a boardroom like the one shown here, running through a list of employees who are having their corporate portraits updated today by me.

This shoot is typical of a corporate portrait session and my setup (seamless white background, lights, umbrellas) has been well-tested on several corporate photoshoot assignments throughout Montreal. It can be fitted into almost any spare room in an office area and is not too cumbersome to lug around between shoots.

One of the most commonly heard phrases in a corporate portrait session is, “I hate having my picture taken.” If I had a class A share in Berkshire Hathaway holdings every time I heard that I’d be a billionaire by now. (Luckily for those of you still needing a working corporate photographer in Montreal, I am not and I am always happy to take on new assignments). My response is usually to tell them that’s what everyone says, then hopefully catch them off guard with a quip about something unexpected that brings it out a natural smile and presto! I take the shot.

Part of being any kind of photographer, but particularly one specializing in event and corporate photography is having nimble fingers and a gift for the gab, as many of the best photos come from people who say they hate having their photo taken but then give you a natural expression of happiness/bemusement that says something about themselves and makes them look much better than they were expecting to look.

While the behind-the-scenes look at a mobile corporate portrait setup may be of interest to planners and/or other photographers, if you just want to see the end results, please visit my portfolio site here. I’m always receptive to feedback so feel free to send me an email or comment if you have anything to share and of course, of you like what you see and know someone in the market for a corporate photographer in Montreal, please share this post on your favourite socially networked hangout.




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